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Successful debt management

pg 14 Kelsey texting on mobile phoneJanet is a mother of 15 year old twins and works full time as a teaching assistant. She came to Westminster Citizens Advice as she was facing severe financial difficulties.

Eight years earlier Janet lost her job and while she was searching for new employment she fell into credit card debt. She had two little children to support as well as needing to cover the cost of rent and bills. Unfortunately due to her unemployment the situation got worse and she was unable to pay the minimum amounts on the credit cards resulting in high interest charges.

As a result of her circumstances Janet ended up in rent arrears and her housing officer referred her to  Citizens Advice Westminster. She felt as though her situation was dire and there was no solution to this ballooning debt which was crippling her.

Once Janet got in touch with Citizens Advice Westminster we were able to advise her on the difference between priority and non-priority debts and prepared a financial statement. We were able to negotiate a payment plan for her rent in arrears.

We were able to help Janet with her Debt Management Plan and explain that her provider could negotiate to freeze the interest and this required her to only make one payment to them which would then be distributed amongst her creditors.

After 8 years of constant stress, Janet is able to pay her bills and not worry about her creditors. She is in a Debt Management Plan and is no longer being charged interest.