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Citizens Advice Westminster (CAW) is committed to working in partnership with other agencies to deliver high quality advice to residents of Westminster. 

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Adam Zaki (

Westminster City Council

We work closely with Westminster City Council (WCC), which provides the funding that enables us to administer a wide range of services, including the Westminster Advice Service Partnership (WASP); the current Cost of Living Support Fund; the Westminster Advice Forum (WAF); and the Westminster Refernet System.

The Westminster Advice Service Partnership (WASP) comprises Age UK Westminster, Asylum Aid, DeafPlus, and Citizens Advice Westminster. Working together ensures that we can provide a comprehensive set of services, including Generalist Advice; Disability Services including the Westminster Deafplus Advice Service; Children’s Centre Service; Older People’s Service; Westminster Council’s Revenue Service; Mental Health Services; Licensing Advice Project; Digital Advice and Referral Service and Advice Shop.


Advice Shop is an important part of our partnership work. Through Advice Shop, we collaborate with a number of local agencies to bring advice services together under one roof, making it easier for our clients to access the support they need. The Advice Shop offers regular in-person sessions at local centres across Westminster. Clients can access the Advice Shop either by appointment or on a drop-in basis. Current Advice Shop partners include Age UK Westminster, Asylum Aid, Carers Network, Healthwatch, North Paddington Food Bank, The Passage, PohWer, Shelter, Westbourne Champions, Westminster Councillors, Westminster Employment Service, Westminster City Council Adult Social ServicesWestminster City Council Housing, Westminster City Council Digital InclusionWestminster City Council Repairs and Z2K.

The Westminster Advice Forum (WAF) brings together advice agencies working in Westminster. The Forum is convened by CAW on a quarterly basis and it provides an open space for sharing information and trends, for joint training and to work together to tackle issues faced by residents and those placed in temporary accommodation outside the City.

Many WAF agencies are also part of the Westminster Refernet System, the referral platform run by CAW to improve our clients’ access to the community organisations and services that can provide the advice and help they most need. Agencies interested in joining Refernet can learn more here.