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Westminster Refernet Partnership

Westminster Refernet Partnership is a network of voluntary and community organisations and council services across the City of Westminster, hosted by Citizens Advice Westminster.

We work together to provide straightforward referral pathways for Westminster residents so that residents are provided advice and support at the right place and at the right time.

You can access our Refernet site here: 

Westminster Refernet Partnership

What organisations are a part of  this referral partnership?

Most organisations will use our Refernet to make and receive referrals, whilst some organisation will use it to complement their existing referral process and make referrals only. Our partners include:

A visual exploration of the relationships on Refernet

The dynamics of Refernet can be explored below, where you’re able to see which organisations send and receive referrals across Westminster.

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Interested in joining our referral network?

If you are interested in joining the Westminster Refernet Partnership, please contact Adam Zaki, Partnership Co-ordinator at Citizens Advice Westminster at

Organisations joining Refernet should be committed to promoting the services of the Refernet partners to their client groups in order to maximise use and impact for local people. Joining the network is completely free.

Making an agency referral to Citizens Advice Westminster

Please register with the Westminster Refernet Partnership to refer a client to us.

Registered users

Please log in to Refernet to make/receive your referral: Refernet Log in

If you require assistance, please contact