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Your Kitchen

Do you want to save energy but feel a bit overwhelmed by all the advice and information? Try our new room by room guide, follow the tips one room at a time and your savings will build up

Your Kitchen
 electrical-kettle-tool-side-view_318-60978  WASHING MACHINE  stock-illustration-44526406-pan-icon  TUMBLE DRYER
1. Make sure you only boil the right amount of water in your kettle for what you need, don’t just fill it to the top each time.  Keep your kettle descaled.
2. Always put a full load in your washing machine as two half loads use a lot more electricity and use low temperature programmes.  This will make big savings.
3. Use low energy programmes for your dishwasher.
4. When you are using a saucepan, keep the lid on so the heat doesn’t escape and use the right size pan, not a huge one for everything.
5. Try to limit how much time you use your tumble dryer for. Hang clothes up instead outside or on a clothes horse but not on the radiator.  If you are using it, clean the filter regularly.
6. Don’t waste hot water by washing up under a running tap – use a bowl instead.
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