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Your Living Room

Do you want to save energy but feel a bit overwhelmed by all the advice and information? Try our new room by room guide, follow the tips one room at a time and your savings will build up

Your Living Room
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1.  When you have finished using the TV, radio, computer, CD/MP3 player, printer or any other such device, make sure you switch them off – don’t just leave them on standby as this uses electricity.  For some it’s easier to just pull out the plug.
2. Whenever you leave a room, turn off the lights as this is better than leaving them on.
3.  Use energy saving light bulbs and LED ones whenever you replace an old bulb.
4.  Draught excluders – make sure your doors and windows are not letting all your heat escape.
5.  Close the curtains and don’t drape over radiators. Keep the radiators clear anyway so don’t put your sofa in front of one as that will block the heat getting to you. And turn them down.
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