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Your Bedroom

Do you want to save energy but feel a bit overwhelmed by all the advice and information? Try our new room by room guide, follow the tips one room at a time and your savings will build up

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Your Bedroom 

1. Turn off your heating before you go to bed – 30 minutes is suggested – and turn down the thermostat on your bedroom radiators.


2. If you have a spare room, don’t heat it when it is empty, remember to turn off radiators whenever the room is not in use and close the door.


3. Use plenty of covers on your bed and wear more night clothes rather than having the heating on overnight. Perhaps a hot water bottle?


4. As with other rooms, close your curtains to keep the warmth in but not over the radiators as the heat will go back out of the window. If you have draughty doors, put something across the bottom to keep the draughts out.


5. Bedroom windows can be draughty so fit draught excluders on your leaky windows or secondary glazing – even putting on secondary glazing film can help reduce heat loss.

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