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Your Bathroom

Do you want to save energy but feel a bit overwhelmed by all the advice and information? Try our new room by room guide, follow the tips one room at a time and your savings will build up

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Your Bathroom

1. Take a shower instead of a bath and if you are already using the shower, spend a couple of minutes less in there each time and look into getting a water efficient shower head.

2. If you have a bath, try not to fill it as full as each hot bath uses a lot of water. Over 20% of average energy bills are to heat hot water so cutting back will really help.

3. Talking of water, make sure your hot taps are completely turned off so water is not wasted by a constantly drip.  Replace the washer if it keeps dripping.

4. More about water – turn off the tap when you are washing your hands and face or teeth, especially if you are on a water meter.

5. If you have a hot water tank, make sure it has a good cover to keep that heat in.
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