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Big Energy Saving Campaign – money saving ideas for all around your house or flat

Do you want to save energy but feel a bit overwhelmed by all the advice and information? Try our new room by room guide, follow the tips one room at a time and your savings will build up



All around your house or flat 

1. More than half of most people’s energy bills goes on heating and hot water so turn the central heating down a couple of degrees –and adjust your timer so the heating is on for a bit less time. Turn your boiler’s temperature down as well.

2. If you have cold floors in your hallway, put a rug down or some carpet.

3. Wear more jumpers/socks/warm slippers instead of turning the heating up

4. Insulation will help keep in the heating you have paid for so look into lining your walls and loft if you have one

5. When buying new appliances, make sure you buy the most energy efficient model.

6. SWITCH. Make sure you are getting the best deal from your energy supplier and if not then SWITCH. Check the and search for energy tariffs and use the CAB price comparison tool. Or go directly to:

7. If you are struggling to pay your bills, check that you are getting all the support you are entitled to. Visit the CAB or check our website and search for ‘energy’ on


There are lots of rooms in your property where you can save more money! Click below to find out more: