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Open that letter

Five things you must do when you receive a letter (and are in debt)


1.   Take a deep breathe

Money leaks start from the decision you make after receiving a letter.


2.   Do not tear or bin that letter

If you receive and tear a letter, you have stopped yourself from taking early action which could have prevented a £65 debt from becoming £300 or more.

Inside the envelope may be a tax penalty, CCJ, Tax Credit overpayment, Writ of entry & Possession, Charging order and so much more.


3.   Read and re read the letter

When you receive a letter, read it to understand what it says and what actions it says you should take. Also note any deadlines. Make a note of the company/council, telephone numbers and who you need to speak to


4.   Take action

If it is action you can take and able to do so, get on with it to avoid penalties. If , you do not understand the letter or need further help, take the next step:-


5.   Contact Citizens Advice Westminster for further advice

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