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Scams Awareness month

Are you keeping a look out for Scams?
Scams Awareness Week @ Citizens Advice Westminster
July is Scams Awareness Month at Citizens Advice Westminster and we are sending out loads of advice and information about the very real problem of scams. There are so many different types from online to phone to post to doorstep scams and they cover so many different topics that we all need to be on the look out. We use the simple motto:

‘If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!’

Have a look at this information pack which looks at a range of scams including people pretending to be from your bank, from the tax man, from your pension provider and people offering you ‘great’ investment schemes, wanting to ‘help’ you with your computer, or letting you know you have ‘won’ a lottery! You’ll find advice about what to do if you are worried you are being scammed and how to report the scam.

Scams Awareness Pack

Check out more good advice on twitter using the hashtag #scamaware or visit our website:

Be Scam Aware and pass on the advice to your friends and family to help them stay safe.

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