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Do you want to save money? Sign up to our Low-Cost Lunch Challenge

Have you ever stopped to work out how much buying your lunch costs you each week? According to research, the average daily spending on lunch in London ranges between £3.53 and £6.60.This adds up to a whopping £812 to £1,518 for a 46-week working year! Imagine what preparing your lunch at home rather than eating out every single day could achieve. What staggering savings you could make.

lunchtipsThis year Citizens Advice Westminster is taking part in the first ever Financial Capability Week from 14-20 November. Hosted by the Money Advice Service its objective is to highlight the importance and meaning of financial capability and  to look generally at the provision of financial capability guidance and how that can be improved.

Citizens Advice Westminster decided to get involved by coming up with the Low-Cost Lunch Challenge which offers an opportunity to organisations, employers, and private individuals to target overspending on lunch as a stepping stone to launch a wider conversation about money management and financial capability.

As part of the challenge, our Financial Capability team organised a lunch on 16 November at the Citizens Advice Westminster office for our employees and volunteers which consisted of dishes costing no more than £1 per portion. Our goal was to launch a general conversation about money management and the support services available to help you improve it. We would love you to join the challenge, whether as an individual or as a group, by organising a similar lunch at your workplace.

Find out more here.  Let us know if you do organise a lunch by emailing:

For information about our other financial capability services visit our website  and have a look at our latest guide to Basic Bank Accounts.

A popular seasonal guide also provides top tips on how to avoid a financial hangover at Christmas:

If you would like further information on how the Financial Capability team can help you and your employees do get in touch by emailing


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