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Top Tips for posting letters and parcels this Christmas!

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Tip 1: Plan ahead and save money: If you plan ahead and leave enough time, you can use 2nd class stamps for your Christmas mail saving a minimum of 9p per stamp on a basic card.

Tip 2: Take care with money and valuables: Use a cheque rather than sending cash if you need to send money as a present.  You can insure your valuable items through services like Special Delivery.

Tip 3: Make the address clear: If your cards have a coloured envelope use a white label for the address or your writing may be hard to read. This will make it easier for the sorting machines.

Tip 4: Wrap up well: Use a padded envelop or bubble wrap to protect delicate items.  Make sure it’s properly sealed and write ‘handle with care’ or ‘fragile’ on the package.

Tip 5: Watch out for restricted goods: Some items cannot be sent by post, some need special packaging and others are restricted. Check the Royal Mail website to learn about what is on this list, for example aerosols, alcohol drinks and even nail varnish.

Tip 6: Proof of posting and insurance: There are several different ways to get proof of posting and insurance for your packages.  Check the Royal Mail website to find the one that suits you and your package.  Simple proof of posting is free at the Post Office counter if you ask for it.

***REMEMBER: Last UK posting dates for Christmas 2020:  2nd class Friday 18th December  and 1st class is Monday 21st December***


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