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Whom do we benefit?

We support local people and their families to resolve their legal and money problems, and help to:

  • Tackle social problems
  • Improve community cohesion; and
  • Better people’s life chances. 

Last year we provided information and advice to 12,050 local residents.

Issues dealt with



Demand for our services continues to increase and we urgently need more volunteer time and donations to keep our funding pipeline flowing to maintain our essential services.

Our housing/homelessness, energy cost savings and debt and benefits services are much in demand, so are vital to the survival and well-being of many of our residents.


pg 14 Kelsey texting on mobile phone

“I had panic attacks from being worried about paying my overdue bill. I could not breathe and was anxious. After talking to Citizens Advice Westminster I now feel calm because I understand the supplier is putting my bill on hold until I get sorted out. I now feel less stressed and better equipped to deal with the problem now I know my rights.”


Older Asian female[344]“I am very pleased with the courteous service I received from Citizens Advice Westminster. I am 77 with health problems, sick children and living in overcrowded accommodation. I now feel more informed and relieved as they have booked follow up appointments to support me with my problem.”




Read more of our client success stories to understand how we can make a major difference for the better.

We influence social policy and change 

Sue and Rebecca

We also influence change and social policy for the good of the whole community by gathering evidence and trends in the patterns of problems and social issues clients ask us to deal with.

We can present this anonymised evidence to policy and decision-makers to highlight the negative impact their services or practices have on our residents and drive change and improvements.

For example our national campaigns on payday loans and prepayment energy bills have helped to secure much needed change to the system.   We have responded to the Council’s consultation on rough sleeping and are working actively to improve homelessness. Campaigns 17-18

Find out more about our Campaigns work.

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