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November is ‘Will Aid’ month…leave a legacy to Citizens Advice Westminster

A gift in your Will is an investment in the future dad942d5-f552-49ce-a611-23e5289bfa19

Our advice services are more in demand today than ever before, and as we move into the future that demand looks set to grow even further.  Any gift, however small, will help to ensure that we are still here for your family and friends, and their children and grandchildren.

Your Will

Every adult should have a Will, regardless of their age, income or wealth – it is the only way of ensuring your wishes are met after your death.  Not making a Will can cause real administrative and legal complications for your loved ones at a very difficult time.

In making a Will, naturally your first priority has to be taking care of your family and loved ones.

If you don’t have a Will, having one written is a lot easier than you think.

Most people are surprised by how much their assets add up to. You don’t need to be wealthy to make a Will, or leave a legacy ( a gift to a charity). After taking care of your loved ones, you can then choose to leave a Residuary legacy (a portion of what is left after all your other commitments have been met) – or a Pecuniary legacy (a gift of a specific amount) to Citizens Advice Westminster.

If you already have a Will, changing it to include a gift to Citizens Advice Westminster is very straightforward.

Your gift

Citizens Advice Westminster is an independent charity (charity number: 1059419) – and as such, we rely on the support of members of the public – people like you.  Leaving a gift to us, your local charity, benefits you, your family and the whole community. Citizens Advice Westminster is a local charity supporting local people. We provide advice and support that:

  • tackles social problems
  • improves community cohesion
  • betters peoples’ life chances; and
  • helps to boost the local economy.

None of us can predict what problems our families and friends – and their children and grandchildren – may face in the future. They might have money difficulties, a relationship breakdown or ill health. They might have a disability, face an employment dispute or become a victim of discrimination.

We are determined to make sure that whatever problems they face in the future they don’t have to face them alone. You can help us to achieve that aim today.

Gifts left to charities in Wills – usually known as legacies – don’t need to be large.  Even a small percentage of your estate, left as a gift, can make a big difference. And did you know that leaving a gift to a charity like Citizens Advice Westminster can actually lower the amount of Inheritance Tax you pay on your estate? Your solicitor can answer any questions you have about Inheritance Tax.

How we will use your donation

Gifts left in wills help in many of ways and you can be assured that your gift will make a real difference to people’s lives, to the building of healthier communities, and a fairer society.

  • You may choose to define the area in which you want your gift used, for example to support our Health inclusion Project, our Financial Skills workshops for young people or Homelessness Project; or
  • You may choose to have your gift used to build up the general work of Citizens Advice Westminster, such as: with the costs of training up local volunteers to become advisers; or to support vulnerable people who have had their benefits stopped but need to pay for medical evidence to support their appeal.

If you would like to talk to someone about leaving a legacy to Citizens Advice Westminster please contact your solicitor, or our Fundraising Team at:

If you need to find a solicitor you can search for one in your area on the Law Society Find a Solicitor website:

Our ‘Leave a gift in your Will’ leaflet explains more about leaving a legacy to Citizens Advice Westminster.

Whatever problems your loved ones may face in the future,

you can help them solve them today.

Thank you.


Some useful information about Wills:

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