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Free NHS prescriptions if you are on Universal Credit

UC NHSAre you receiving Universal Credit?

Make sure you’re eligible for free prescriptions to avoid being fined!



If you’re a Universal Credit claimant, you qualify for free prescriptions if:

  • You receive Universal Credit and either had no earnings or had net earnings of £435 or less in your last Universal Credit assessment period; or
  • You receive Universal Credit, which includes an element for a child, or you (or your partner) had limited capability for work (LCW) or limited capability for work and work-related activity (LCWRA), and you either had no earnings or net earnings of £935 or less in your last Universal Credit assessment period.


FINEDYou will be informed if you qualify via your monthly payment statements. If you do not qualify as being eligible, you can be fined as much as £100 per prescription.


If you are in doubt about your exemption status you should pay the charge and ask for the NHS receipt form FP57 to claim any refund. You might be in doubt because:


  • Your Universal Credit claim is still being assessed
  • You’re waiting for a decision about your Universal Credit claim that might change the threshold that applies to you
  • You’re uncertain whether your earnings are within the threshold

Remember, you need to have met the eligibility criteria either in the Universal Credit period before you paid, or in the same assessment period in which you paid, to qualify for a refund.


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