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Passport to financial well-being

Money management moneywiserwas on the agenda at a well-being fair at Her Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO) as part of Citizens Advice’s mission to highlight the importance of financial education. Financial Capability team volunteer Fran presented at the fair on 13 November as part of our Financial Capability Week programme 2017.

“When I arrived at HMPO on the morning of the well-being fair, I was greeted by some very friendly and cheerful employees who were part of the team that had organised the event. Their warm welcome served as a precursor to the exceptionally lovely office climate I came across that day. Everyone I met and spoke to was incredibly kind and caring towards not just me but also their fellow colleagues.

“The room the event was hosted in had been beautifully decorated with lots of autumn foliage and plenty of colourful balloons, as well as a healthy refreshment buffet to set the mood for what was a very relaxed day of chatting to each other about the various aspects of well-being and ways in which it can be improved and maintained.

“Apart from Citizens Advice Westminster, the event was also attended by representatives from Diabetes UK, Stroke Association, MoneyAdviceTrust, and BackCare. However, in addition to the stalls run by us external organisations, the employees had also set up stalls run by some of their own staff that offered everything from henna tattoos and a selfie corner to art therapy.

“Many of the people I spoke to that day mentioned the difficulty of accessing both financial education and financial services. They had many questions about personal money management, not just on their behalf, but also on their family and friends’ behalf, and had previously struggled to find independent and comprehensive sources for answers to all of them.

“This highlighted once again the fact that we still have a lot of work to do, not just at Citizens Advice, but within the entirety of organisations offering and promoting financial education services. It is important that we continue to improve financial capability in the UK and to ensure and encourage inclusive access to our services as well as to financial services and products across the board.

“Whilst we can do our best in training frontline workers and the public directly to increase money management skills and confidence, a big part of our work is, and must be, to continually raise awareness of the importance of financial capability. We must also campaign for current as well as future governments and the financial sector to recognise and support our efforts by improving access to comprehensive financial education and ensuring access to fair and transparent financial services that are inclusive of everyone.”

To find out more about our financial capability services and to discuss your own financial issues contact us at or call us on 0300 330 1191.

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