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“Every little helps…“

Tesco Bags of helpCitizens Advice Westminster has scooped second place in the Tesco Bags of Help Community Grants scheme, through the Groundworks project, securing a grant of £2,000. 

The money is raised by Tesco from the sale of plastic carrier bags and is used to fund thousands of local projects in communities right across the UK. Projects that bring benefit to their community are eligible to apply and three community projects in each local area are voted on in-store by customers  with projects changing every other month.  Following each local vote, the project that receives the most votes in its area will receive a grant of up to £4,000, second place receiving up to £2,000 and third place up to £1,000.

The campaign that included the bureau ran across November and December 2018 in the Westminster branches and shoppers were asked to cast votes for one of the three nominated community projects.

20181112_134207Citizens Advice Westminster successfully proposed our Financial Capability Project to benefit from this grant (Matthew, one of our Financial Capability Volunteers pictured).







CEO Shirley Springer explains: “Following a 384% increase in clients from 2017 we are committed to our financial capability workshops and the awareness of how important effective money management is. Although we cater to all, we aim to assist more students/young people, carers and older people. Evaluations have shown the effectiveness of our sessions (92% of participants taking action) so increasing the number of workshops is key. We believe that the financial wellbeing of individuals has a big effect on the overall cohesion, sociability and potential for co-operation that exists within a community. If people are in debt, struggling with rising interest rates, falling benefits or dependent on foodbanks, they are unlikely to be engaged and working with others on things which improve the community. By expanding our provision of workshops and talks we can help address this issue and mitigate the harm that is caused to individuals and communities suffering from solvable money-related problems. Financial capability is a skill and given our success in the past and the reported benefits of those who have participated in previous workshops,we are confident that by putting on more workshops we can continue to expand our positive impact in our local community by teaching this vital skill.

We would liked to extend our heartfelt thanks to Tesco and to all the customers who selected Citizens Advice Westminster.”

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