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Challenge yourself! #LowCostLunch

Low-Cost Lunch Challenge

According to research conducted by iZettle, NPD, Visa Contactless, and Future Thinking, the average spending on lunch in London ranges between £3.53 and £6.60. This adds up to between £811.9 and £1,518 for a 46-week working year. Imagine what preparing your lunch at home rather than eating out every single day could save you!

This year, we are seeing the first ever Financial Capability Week from 14th to 20th November.  Hosted by the Money Advice Service, its objective is to highlight the importance of financial capability, what it stands for, and those involved in making a change.  At Citizens Advice Westminster, we have decided to get involved by coming up with the Low-Cost Lunch Challenge which offers an opportunity to organisations, employers, and private individuals to target overspending on lunch as a stepping stone to launch a general conversation about money management and thus financial capability.

What is the Low-Cost Lunch Challenge?lunchtips

The essence of the Low-Cost Lunch Challenge is to prepare lunches lasting for one working week (5 days) at home for a cost of no more than £5 in total based on the amounts of ingredients actually used rather than their package prices.  We are using these figures to show that it is very much possible to not spend more than £5 per week on homemade lunches. This will hopefully serve as motivation for many to reconsider their lunch expenditure and bring their lunches from home more often.

The challenge can be adapted to suit both individual and group use. In a group setting, you could join the challenge by hosting an office lunch where several people bring dishes containing at least 5 servings, or even have a whole week where different colleagues bring a different dish each day and everyone gets to vote on which dish was the best at the end with a small prize for the winner.

In our bureau, we have decided to begin the challenge with an internal survey to find out how much our team spend on shop-bought lunches on a monthly basis. We are following this up by a joint lunch on 16 November where some of our ‘worst offenders’ bring in a dish. The joint lunch also gives us an opportunity to come together during Financial Capability Week to talk about the importance of financial capability in a way that gives everyone an opportunity to contribute in an informal and fun setting.


We would love for you to get on board by hosting the challenge in your own place of work or by taking part individually. Feel free to connect with us on social media; we will be tweeting about our Low-Cost Lunch Challenge during Financial Capability Week under the username @WestminsterCAB using the hashtags #lowcostlunch and #lclchallenge.  Why not share some photos of your lunches or tweet us some money saving tips?!

Our #lowcostlunch

Citizens Advice Westminster’s #lowcostlunch Challenge completed!


If you are interested in taking part in the Low-Cost Lunch Challenge, we can provide you with some materials we have prepared to be handed out to everyone taking part.  These include a Lunch Tips leaflet and some recipe cards. You can contact us via email on

For further information on the Financial Capability Week 2016 in general and how to get involved, please visit 

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