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Category: MoneySmart

Changing people’s lives

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When people find out I volunteer, they sometimes ask what I gain from it since I’m not getting paid. The answer is simple: there is nothing like the feeling of excitement mixed with nervousness you get before a workshop, because you’re wondering who will be there and what the group dynamic will be like.

Switch on to switching


Westminster residents are among the least likely to switch their energy provider, according to national research. And with many providers increasing their charges for 2017, it is always a good idea to check out your bill and see if you can save money. If you are on standard variable tariffs, you should try to lock […]

Take control of your finances


The Wiser Money Advice Service at Citizens Advice Westminster has had a busy start to the year. So far it has held thirteen money management workshops around the borough. “At a time when the latest Bank of England money and credit statistics show an annual rise of around 10% in consumer credit to over £192 […]

Do you want to save money? Sign up to our Low-Cost Lunch Challenge


Have you ever stopped to work out how much buying your lunch costs you each week? According to research, the average daily spending on lunch in London ranges between £3.53 and £6.60.This adds up to a whopping £812 to £1,518 for a 46-week working year! Imagine what preparing your lunch at home rather than eating […]

Challenge yourself! #LowCostLunch


Low-Cost Lunch Challenge According to research conducted by iZettle, NPD, Visa Contactless, and Future Thinking, the average spending on lunch in London ranges between £3.53 and £6.60. This adds up to between £811.9 and £1,518 for a 46-week working year. Imagine what preparing your lunch at home rather than eating out every single day could […]

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