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Personal Independence Payments

The newspapers are full of stories of people’s poor experience with Personal Independence Payments (PiP) and the problems they have with the assessments.  Lots of people were also coming to see our advisers looking for help with filling in their forms and wanting to appeal against decisions they felt were unfair, but not knowing how to. Our advisers do great work helping people and have been successful in getting them the extra money they are entitled to, by getting wrongful decisions overturned.

However, we wanted to make sure the DWP knew about what we were seeing on the ground so when we saw that there was an Independent Review last year we jumped at the chance of contributing. When a new measure such as PiP is brought in, the Government has to conduct 5 Independent Reviews, consulting very widely, and last year was the first one for PiP.houses_of_parliament_heritageblue

Our Research and Campaigns team interviewed the advisers, gathered their views, filled in the questionnaire and sent it off, pleased that we had managed to raise some very important issues affecting Westminster residents.

Some months later the full Review was published and our concerns were echoed by so many of the contributors to the paper and therefore it had to be taken seriously by Government. We were also very pleased to be the only Citizens Advice office who had one of their responses quoted and acknowledged!

The next Review date has not yet been announced but we will be sure to make a contribution when it comes around.

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