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Advice for non-British European Union/ European Economic Area national  living in Westminster


It is important to stress that despite the Brexit referendum result, your rights have not changed.  Some laws will change in the future – but not immediately. Everything will stay the same until new laws are passed.

  • If you are an EU national living in the UK, your rights to live, work or get benefits will not change unless the government passes new laws.
  • If you are a UK citizen living within the EU or travelling to the EU, your rights will stay the same.


Claiming Benefits as an EEA National 

Immigration control EEA Nationals

Discrimination: If you think you’ve been discriminated against since the referendum, for example if you have been unfairly refused work or housing, or told your rights have changed, you should contact us for advice. If you think you have been subjected to hate crime – violence or hostility because of who you are you can also contact the helpline.

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