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Do you need to book an assessment with Age UK Westminster?

Eligibility criteria

If you are aged 65+ and live in Westminster and are going through:

  • A bereavement
  • Retirement or redundancy
  • Relationship breakdown
  • A change in your income or finances
  • A change to your daily care needs
  • Your housing is no longer suitable for your needs
  • You need adaptations to your current home to make it more comfortable
  • A deterioration in your health or a reduction in your mobility
  • Been a victim of a crime, fraud or a scam
  • Or just going through something and need clarification or help

This list is not exhaustive and its best to refer for assessment.

Areas of information/advice covered

You can get help with…

  • Benefits
  • Pensions
  • Housing
  • Care
  • Consumer
  • Health
  • Family/social
  • Debt
  • Tax
  • Transport
  • Grants
  • Form filling

Please note Age UK Westminster also offer home visits you are housebound.

How do I book an assessment?

To book an appointment, select a time for the available date of the month. Please ensure you enter your contact details and the type of enquiry to be discussed during the assessment.

At each session we can only permit one appointment per client.

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